Performance Remapping

We are proud agents of one of the UK’s leading performance tuning specialists, Pendle Performance. We supply a fully bespoke Engine Management Control (ECU) software recalibration system that is tailored to each vehicle’s individual requirements. This can be applied to many types of vehicle such as cars, motorhomes & most commercial vehicles.

How it works

Using the latest professional automotive OBD flashing equipment including Autotuner, K-Tag and CMD & KESS, we can extract the data from your vehicles ECU to send it directly to Pendle Headquarters for analysis. They will then process this data and create a tuning profile that will be specific to your individual vehicle’s requirements. We then write the modified data back into the vehicles ECU ready for testing

  • Increase your vehicles power & torque
  • More responsive engine for safer overtaking & a more pleasurable driving experience
  • Improved MPG under normal driving conditions
  • Removal of engine flat spots

Rolling Road

All tuning is done via our state of the art MAHA LPS3000 Dynamometer, which is arguably the best, most accurate automotive performance tester available. It is the choice for many automobile manufactures for development and final testing at the factory, providing repeatable accurate results usually within 1%.
We take a log of the standard vehicle performance using this equipment to ensure the vehicles powertrain is in an acceptable condition to take the power increases before any modifications are made. Once we are happy this is the case and the modified profile has been uploaded to you’re vehicle, we will then re-run it to test the software and to give you detailed before and after printouts of power BHP & torque increases